Personalized Athletic Wear

I Got Next Apparel is a rising star in the world of athletic wear. Founded in 2017 by Arkansas's own professional basketball player Kenyon McNeail, I Got Next Apparel is a brand that represents discipline, power, and commitment, along with some customizable options that make for the perfect gift.

Made By Athletes FOR Athletes

Kenyon McNeail is bringing his professional experience into designing each of I Got Next Apparel's high-quality merchandise. Based proudly in his home state of Arkansas, McNeail has played basketball for Louisiana Tech, and in other countries around the world including Portugal, Australia, Macedonia, and Belgium. He now splits his time between playing basketball and breaking new ground in the world of basketball apparel.

Athletes understand more than most the importance of wearing good materials that will make you feel strong and confident. When you want to be at the top of your game, every detail counts, and I Got Next Apparel doesn't miss a thing.

Sleek Designs, Custom Gear

I Got Next Apparel is one of the most accessible custom clothing brands for athletes there is. With affordable prices, athletes from every division can afford to have athletic wear made the way they want it. Currently, we offer the following custom gear:

• Knee Sleeves

• Elbow Sleeves

• Tights

• Socks

With prices as low as just $20, you can get your apparel with whatever words you want. Your team name? Your nickname? Your jersey number? Whichever makes you feel the most comfortable and confident wearing out on the court and beyond.

We also sell our original designs on unisex t-shirts, just $20 each. Made with breathable, long-lasting materials, our sleek designs are perfect to wear whether you're getting ready to sweat, or just hanging out with your friends.

Quality That Will Improve Your Game

It's our top priority that our athletic wear, especially our sleeves and socks, are made in a way that will improve your game and support your body. We want you to be able to recover faster, prevent injuries, increase your blood flow, and reduce any pain and swelling.

Our compression sleeves are not only customizable, but they're also incredibly effective. Designed meticulously by passionate athletes, our sleeves will keep you at the top of your game. We want our sleeves to look amazing, but in the end, all that style is worth nothing if the product isn't doing what it's supposed to do.

As for our socks, they're designed to be extra comfortable and supportive due to their cushioned bottom layer. With a durable build and bold designs that won't fade, I Got Next has the athletic wear for every athlete looking to dominate the competition.

The Reviews Are In: IGN Apparel Works

Our products are thoroughly enjoyed by athletes from across the country. The feedback we've received has let us know that we're on the right path and that we're making athletic wear that is making a difference in people's day to day lives.

When you wear I Got Next Apparel, you're representing our values along with your own. We feel lucky every day knowing that we're helping the athletes in our community and beyond achieve their dreams.

Reach Out Today

Shoot us an email at through our contact form to learn more about our athletic wear, our customizations, or to ask any other questions you may have. Rock your I Got Next Apparel at your next game, or buy a personalized gift for your son, daughter, teammate, or coach. We hope to hear from you soon.