I Got Next is what you want

Imagine a high performing team, especially one that wins the big games and earns championships.

Their most important attribute, aside from hard work and talent, is confidence in themselves and each other. With custom gear and specially curated apparel, they can wear their passion and pride on their sleeves.

As a coach or a team administrator, you want the best for your team. You know that they need practice, warm-ups, and game gear that works as hard as they do. 

You want their look to reflect their sense of strength and confidence.

This is why you turn to I Got Next.

Who We Are

At I Got Next, we provide resilient gear to protect knee and elbow joints while also providing durable and comfortable athletic t-shirts, socks, and other apparel. Our commitment to top quality and excellent customer service has helped us to expand our sales across the country.

Our soul lies in our story.

Since 2017, I Got Next has grown tremendously as a supplier of top-quality custom apparel for athletes. 

Our founder, Kenyon McNeail, embodies the spirit found in both great athletes and successful business owners. He came from a small Arkansas town, determined to work, scrap, and claw his way into professional basketball. 

After a successful career at Louisiana Tech, McNeail traveled the world playing in some of the most prominent international leagues on two continents. He put his years of experience to work after playing basketball by crafting durable and well-designed athletic gear for other players.

Today we bring that same passion, commitment, and competitive drive into designing, manufacturing, and selling some of the best sports apparel in the world. 

What We Do

At I Got Next, we provide an array of products designed to support players’ efforts to perform and look their best.

Protective Equipment for Joints

The reality is, when the game's on, injuries can happen. Elbows and knees get banged up. Tendons get stretched. Bodies at their most vulnerable points wear down.

But, quality protection can help to protect athletes' bodies. We have designed and crafted equipment that will protect those joints to help today's players thrive. We take a comfortable and sweat blocking elastic sleeve and cover it with a flexible set of pads. These are specially created to cushion joints against hard impacts on gym floors. 

We are especially proud that parents rely on our equipment to protect their children. Every parent wants the best for their child. It’s humbling that so many of them come to us to keep their young athletes safe.

Curated Apparel and Other Gear

In addition to our protective padding gear, we also offer a wide range of other products that look terrific, feel comfortable, and function perfectly. 

We sell an ultra-durable backpack that can be customized for your team as well as customizable socks.

I Got Next also has a great selection of game day apparel. We sell stylish, quality-made t-shirts, each emblazoned with our own special in-house designs. We also have sweatshirts and long sleeve performance apparel for days when the temperatures are cooler.

For Women and Men 

Since women athletes have the same grit, determination, and drive as their male counterparts, we designed all of our clothing, apparel, and gear for both men and women. All athletes appreciate the perfect fit. 

Finally, because we respect our customers and their families, we have worked to keep our prices reasonable, and much lower than many major brands. Browse our selection of gear and custom apparel today.